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ADSL iPlate


Standard domestic telephone wiring uses three wires to carry the signal between the master socket and the extensions. Two of these wires come from the outside and are connected directly to your local telephone exchange. The third wire is generated in your master socket and carries the 'bell' signal which is used to ring some old-fashioned telephones when someone calls you.

If you have an ADSL service with each phone connected to a micro-filter then the bell-wire is completely redundant since a bell signal is generated in each micro-filter for the few phones which still need it. Now, unfortunately, this bell-wire tends to cause some degradation to the ADSL signal as it travels about your house.

The BT solution is called the iPlate, sometimes known as a Broadband Accelerator! This device places a filter on the bell-wire (which remember is not required!).

(The best solution for ADSL wiring is based on a centralised master faceplate splitter such as our ADSL-NTEFACE models, please consider this option if you have ADSL signal quality issues.)

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